A Day of Bliss

March 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When you own your own business, you never know the kinds of people you're going to meet or the opportunities that will be given to you. I was fortunate to have a client come to the studio earlier this year with her two dogs; and after conversing with her, discovered that she also owned several horses. Needless to say, a friendship was born. 

Yesterday afternoon she messaged me and asked me if I wanted to go riding with her. As it turned out, my evening plans had fallen through unfortunately, and I didn't have anything else going on so I said yes. That was kind of a no brainer. So off to Livingston Manor I went. 

Now, mind you, it has been years (like nine) since I have been on horseback. Sahir is too young to ride yet and Dafina is nearly 28 and is retired. So, after brushing down, saddling up, and pulling myself into the saddle (holy crap that's a long way up...and...gulp...down) my horse, of course, tested me to see how much he could get away with. 'New person on my back? We will see about that.' Ok, I exaggerate a little bit. He was a bit testy and feisty at first, dancing around, pinning his ears back some, but after a few laps in the round pen, we were ready for action. And off we went.

Cell phone shot from atop my steed

The trails were wide and diverse. Little streams to cross, hills to climb and descend, wide open fields, logging trails, it was heaven.  Though our initial trot made me realize how out of practice I was. But, after about a half hour or so, my horse and I were like one and staying seated in the saddle was a piece of cake. As it should be. Like the old cliche (yes I know I use a lot of cliches), it was just like riding a bike. He was attentive to my cues as I was to his. He reminded me of the horse I grew up riding, it was powerful and emotional at the same time.

With horses, if you are nervous, scared, or unsure, they sense it and will respond accordingly. They will be nervous and unsure too. When you are calm and confident and can give them the guidance and reassurance that they need, you can basically achieve anything with them.

When we got back to the barnyard, and dismounted, yup I was a bit sore, walking like a bowlegged cowboy. haha. 

I gave my horse some lovings and thanked him for a great ride and he was turned out into the paddock with his friends. 

Looking forward to another ride and cannot wait until Sahir is ready for it. I have missed it.


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