The Importance of SEO

January 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

What is SEO? What does it stand for? When I was first learning the "lingo" I had no clue what it meant. And, as embarrassing as it is to admit, it's relatively simple. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Great, what the heck does that mean? Well, it's a process. SEO helps maximize the amount of traffic that is navigated to your website. It helps ensure you appear towards the top of the Google search. Page 1 instead of 20.

What does that mean for you? More exposure = more potential clients = more potential cash! Doesn't get much simpler than that.

One of the biggest ways to help max out your site visitors is to make sure you have relevant and logical keywords associated with each of your pages. Try to be as specific as possible. Use your own experiences searching the web to guide you.

For example, if I'm looking for purple turtleneck sweaters and I enter "turtleneck" in the search I'm going to get all kinds of results. Everything from clothing to actual turtle necks! Yikes! Now, if I break it down even more and search for "purple turtleneck sweaters" I stand a pretty good chance of getting the results I want. I have eliminated all colors but purple. I've specified the fact I want a turtleneck cut and not a boat-neck. And I've made sure that I only want sweaters, not tank tops or t-shirts. Being specific tends to give you a narrower list of results. Those are the results you want to be in. Not the broad spectrum of everything under the sun.

Try it out, you'll see the differences. 

Another thing to be aware of is duplicating your keywords trust me, it doesn't help.

Don't forget your metadata either. Wait, what? Yes. Metadata. Essentially short phrases that describe what your page is about; data describing data. Like keywords, but in more complete thought and sentences. 

Having easy navigation on your site helps too believe it or not. Make your site simple, easy loading, and logical. You won't attract visitors looking for dog food when you have photos and keywords relating to fish on your page. (I'm sensing a food theme here, guess I should have had breakfast).

Look at your site like an outsider. If you were searching for your particular product, blog, service, whatever, what would you look for? How would you search for it? What would you expect to see on the page? Keep all of these things in mind when you are setting up your site. 

There are a lot of resources and tools on the web to help you with your SEO. There are companies out there that specialize in helping you maximize your optimization. Give it a search and you'll see what I'm talking about!


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