An Ode to my Baby

January 13, 2016  •  1 Comment

All right, all right, while this isn't exactly and ode by definition, Tucker's involvement in my life is truly poetic. And the old cliche, "never a dull moment" is certainly true.

Tucker, my small four-legged human, is one of the greatest joys to have come into my life. I first met Tucker when he was two weeks old. His eyes barely opened, he stumbled around, and was actually the largest of his litter. He looked like a chubby little tank. From the moment I saw him, I knew that he was mine. I picked him up, laid on the couch of my then boyfriend's grandmother's house, and put him on my chest. Immediately he relaxed, and fell asleep. I could feel the bond and connection instantly. 

Several weeks later, I brought him home. I felt like a proud new mom, which I absolutely was. I was ever vigilant about his whereabouts, his actions, if he had to potty, if he was hungry, if he wanted a nap or playtime. I treated him like he was my child, and I still do, because that's exactly what he is.  Time for bed

Tucker is so loved and spoiled that he has his own blanket and pillow on my bed. Yes, he has his own spot. And every evening at bed time, after he gets his "good night cookie" I tell him, "ok, get in your spot". Where's my cookie, mom?

And he's there. Snuggled up, head on his pillow, waiting for me to tuck him in. 

He even has his own chair at the dinner table (can you tell yet that this IS my child?)

And wherever "Mr. Sunshine" is, is typically where you will find Tucker. Even the dining room table. Want to come over for dinner? What? This is where Mr. Sunshine is.

Tucker, my "little old man," is all grown up now. He's always by my side and always there when I walk through the door, little happy switch wagging and eyes full of love for mommy. 

Yup, I'm cute, I know it. And I, like most pet parents, dread "the day". I won't say the word because just typing this is bringing tears to my eyes. I know though, that when "the day" does come, Tucker will know he is deeply loved and it will be peaceful and he will have lived a long and happy life.

And my comfort, for the days that will follow will be all of the wonderful, handsome, and humorous photographs and keepsakes I have of him. Including the large 20x30 framed print I have hanging in my bedroom.

I am truly blessed to have been given a talent in my photography that allows me to preserve today's moments so that they can be cherished and remembered long after the moment has passed. 


Christie Allison(non-registered)
This brought tears to my eyes! Not only are you an amazing photographer, but you are also a great writer!!!! Keep up the great work! :)
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